Tyson D Bailey, PsyD

Sometimes people run into problems they feel unable to deal with effectively, no matter how hard they try. These problems can make it difficult to enjoy relationships, work, and activities, even those that have fulfilled us in the past. When an individual faces these situations, it can often bring up strong emotions that further impact his or her ability to solve problems in the ways he or she is used to doing. This cycle can be difficult to break, and it can even feel like the solution seems to move further away with each attempt at relief.

Many clients can describe this process, yet find themselves unable to understand how they got to this point and why their usual coping strategies are no longer effective. They consider all of the possible options, and discover that none bring the relief they hope to find. It is at these moments that people sometimes reach out to another person that might provide a different perspective and assist in the problem-solving process.

Dr. Tyson Bailey is experienced in helping individuals interact with problem situations like these in a way that utilizes the strengths each person brings with them. Whether providing psychotherapy or psychological assessment services, he understands that each individual's response to disruptions in his or her usual way of interacting with difficult situations depends on his or her unique history, as well as present day factors that increase feelings of distress and discomfort. In addition, his extensive training in the martial arts has taught him about the importance of being connected to one's body, and he regularly integrates these concepts into treatment.

Dr. Bailey currently part of the Spectrum Psychological Associates group and practices in Lynnwood, Washington. Please contact him if you have questions, need more information about his practice, or would like to schedule an appointment. He looks forward to getting to know you.