Psychological Assessment Services

The assessment process is designed to answer questions about how cognitive abilities, behavior, and emotions may be interfering with school, work, or relationships to others. Dr. Bailey is committed to providing assessment services that highlight the strengths a person has in addition to offering concrete recommendations to assist in living a more healthy and effective life. Dr. Bailey offers assessment services that focus on the following issues:

Approach to Assessment

Dr. Bailey views psychological assessment as a collaborative process that begins with an extensive interview to understand the particular needs of each person. In addition, he will discuss the basics of the assessment process during the first meeting and address any questions. Once the assessment is complete, Dr. Bailey will provide a feedback session to discuss results and recommendations for the future. In most cases, he will also provide a copy of the written report at the end of the evaluation.Dr. Bailey recognizes that psychological assessment can be a challenging experience, and is committed to completing the process in a way that reduces distress as much as possible.

Dr. Bailey believes that effective communication is an important factor in all therapeutic interventions. For this reason, he will remain in constant contact with the client, as well as courts, attorneys, or agencies when appropriate. Because testing can take 2-8 hours to complete, Dr. Bailey will work with clients to schedule appointments that mostly closely match openings in their schedule. He is committed to completing this process as quickly as possible.

The Assessment Process for Children

After more than a decade of working with children in a non-clinical setting, Dr. Bailey has developed skills that help children understand how the assessment process can answer important questions about them. He provides a welcoming enviornment for children, with a focus on meeting the unique needs of each person. Whether this means shorter sessions, playing games before beginning, or explaining the process in terms they are able to understand, it is important that children have a positive experience. Generally, Dr. Bailey will meet with the parents for the first meeting, so he can have a chance to explore their understanding of the child's experiences and history. Once this is complete, he will work with the child to complete the remainder of the evaluation. Any medications that are taken on a regular basis should be given at their usual time, unless Dr. Bailey advises otherwise.

Documents to Download For Your First Assessment Appointment

Please download and complete the following documents before your first appointment with Dr. Bailey. These forms will provide him with basic information needed to engage in the treatment process, and allow for more time to discuss the information important to you in the first session. If you would prefer that he provide the forms for you to complete at the office, please arrive 30 minutes early and let Dr. Bailey know so he can have them prepared.

General/Insurance Clients