Dr. Bailey is available to consult with therapists by video, phone, or in-person. Consultation can be done on a one time or continuing basis. Currently, I provide consultation on complex trauma, dissociation, psychological assessment, forensic practice, suicide assessment, violence risk, and dialectical behavior thearpy. Additionally, if you and a group of up to five other colleagues are interested in organizing a consultation group and would like me to serve as your consultant please contact me to discuss this possibility.


Dr. Bailey provides trainings on a variety of topics, including trauma, dissociation, suicide assessment, violence risk assessment, and dialectical behavior therapy. Upcoming trainings can be found below. Please contact Dr. Bailey if you are interested in setting up a training for your organization.

Inviting Death to Tea: Trauma-informed, relational care for assessing chronic suicidal ideation and behavior

Upcoming Online Training: February 4, 2023 - Register Here

This training is approved by the Washington State Department of Health for suicide assessment CE credits.

This workshop is intended to increase mental health professional's understanding of how trauma, particularly events repeatedly experienced in childhood, can impact the assessment and treatment of persistent suicidal ideation and behaviors. The workshop will provide participants an understanding of how a history of trauma can create more difficulties within the assessment and management of suicidal behaviors. The focus will be on the importance of the working alliance and how to utilize this relationship as part of the process of suicide assessment. This presentation will apply to psychologists working with adults and some special populations (e.g. Veterans, complex trauma). Issues related to the impact of diversity on forming the relationship and suicide assessment will be addressed as well.